Rock The Tok by Alison Faulkner

Rock The Tok

This video course will help you learn everything you need to know about how to create content and grow your community on the fastest growing social media platform- Tiktok! You get 8 hours of video content as well as a PDF guide to take you through it all! We cover everything from algorithms to bomb dot com content creation! It’s so good!

Things we cover: 
  • Getting started
  • Setting up your bio
  • Training Tiktok to help get you connected with your ideal audience
  • Safety and Privacy
  • How to make a video
  • Trending content
  • How to hashtag
  • Analytics
  • Virality tips and tricks
  • Growth 
  • Consistency
  • Content creation
  • Build a community
  • Monetization
  • Brand Partnerships


2020 Social Media Update

In this 2+ hour update, Alison and Ashley share about new IG features (reels and more!), the results of taking breaks & new strategy! We talk about selling during a pandemic, and how to navigate a serious world with empathy and positivity! 

2020 bonus update: we’ve got the QUEEN Courtney Quinn of  @colormecourtney sharing her ideas and tactics for growth, content creation and more! She’s the smartest kid on the social media block (legit A GENIUS), so get ready for your socks to get knocked off!

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What's included?

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Session 1. Getting started, Setting up your bio, Training Tiktok, Safety and Privacy - Alison's Brand School.mp4
(1h 57m 58s)
Session 2. How to make a video, Trending content, How to hashtag - Alison's Brand School.mp4
(1h 28m 48s)
Session 3. Analytics, Virality tips and tricks, Growth, Consistency, Content creation - Alison's Brand School.mp4
(1h 26m 53s)
Session 4. Build a community, Monetization, Brand Partnerships - Alison's Brand School.mp4
(1h 15m 32s)
Rock The Tok Book - Alison's Brand School .pdf
6.82 MB
2020 Social Media Update
2020 Social Media Update- Alison's Brand School.mp3
(1h 05m 40s)
2020 BONUS Interview with Digital Creater Courtney Quinn @ColorMeCourtney-Alison's Brand School.mp3
59 mins