How to Make Instagram Work for You! by Alison Faulkner

How to Make Instagram Work for You!

How To Make Instagram Work For You!

If you want to feel confident and clear about everything you post, utilize your strengths to create systems that serve your goals, or even if you just want to boost your confidence and connection to your purpose throughout the entire process, then this is the most important thing you can learn all year!

You need to act now! Everything changes at lightning speed these days and you HAVE to be ready to pivot and adapt or move on! Every second you waste not knowing how to take effective action is costing you time, energy, potential profits, and success!

You get 8 hours of interactive and informative audio sessions that will walk you 
step-by-step through our signature IG4U Action Plan, a 50-page workbook, and all the insiders-only info you can’t afford to miss!



In this 2+ hour update, Alison and Ashley share about new IG features (reels and more!), the results of taking breaks & new strategy! We talk about selling during a pandemic, and how to navigate a serious world with empathy and positivity! 

2020 bonus update: we’ve got the QUEEN Courtney Quinn of  @colormecourtney sharing her ideas and tactics for growth, content creation and more! She’s the smartest kid on the social media block (legit A GENIUS), so get ready for your socks to get knocked off!

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2020 Social Media Update
2020 Social Media Update- Alison's Brand School.mp3
(1h 05m 40s)
2020 BONUS Interview with Digital Creater Courtney Quinn @ColorMeCourtney-Alison's Brand School.mp3
59 mins
How to Make Instagram Work for You!
Section 1 - Welcome! - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
29 mins
Section 2 - Awareness! - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
18 mins
Section 3 - 5 Types of Instagram Relationships! - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
54 mins
Section 4 - How to Bake a Content Pie! - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
14 mins
Section 5 - How to Create Valuable Content! - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
36 mins
Section 6 - Now What Do I Post?! - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
35 mins
Section 7 - 7 Growth Strategies You Can Implement Today That Won't Cost a Dime! - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
32 mins
Section 8 - Engagement and Instagram Story Boosters! - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
22 mins
Section 9 - Success Tips and Details from a Panel of PROS - LIVE RECORDING! - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
54 mins
Section 10 - Live Q&A from Students at our IG4U In-Person Workshop! - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
28 mins
Section 11 - Follow-up Questions from IG4U Grads! - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
(1h 18m 48s)
Section 12 - Go Forth and Create! Next Steps and How to Take Action! - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
16 mins
Work It! Workbook - IG4U -Alisons Brand School
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Content Pie - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
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Content Calendar - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
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BONUS #1 - 4 Things You Should Know Before You Do Paid Ads! - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
42 mins
4 Things Before Paid Ads - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
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BONUS #2 - Instagram 101 - IG4U -Alison's Brand School
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BONUS #3 - Alison's Brand School Boss Babes Facebook Group